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Creating a habitual practice of using photography as a tool to look mindfully at our selves and at things as they naturally are through play and creativity; cultivating a learning space where we learn together and we learn from each other, via thinking through images.

Why do you take photographs?

What makes you decide to press the shutter or make that image?

What is your process/method of taking photographs or making images?

What is your relationship with photography? 

What does photography means to you?


Understanding Self through Photography「告白鏡像」自我認知攝影課程

partnership with HKUSpace

8 sessions / 2 hours 
small groups of min 6 and max 8
language: Cantonese or English


  • gain self-awareness and self-knowledge 
  • allow us to discover our strengths and qualities 
  • stimulate our creativity and self-expression 
  • build relationships with others and with peers
  • develop visual literacy and narration skills 
  • learn about self-portraiture works and develop critical and creative thinking through studying them 

Berger said, 'every image embodies a way of seeing... every time we look at a photograph, we are aware, however slightly, of the photographer selecting that sight from an infinity of other possible sights.' How are we looking at the world reflects who we are as creators. In this workshop, we are using the camera to look deep in ourselves. Through studying the works of others and creating our own work, not only can we develop visual literacy but also discover our strengths and qualities, ask difficult questions about ourselves and find our own answers. This course is for anyone who is interested in challenging your current photographic practices, explore your subconscious self, develop a more intimate relationship with yourself, or even just to learn about photography. It is a stepping stone to personal vision and building your own body of work.