Michelle Chan (Chan Wan Chee)

Overall, Michelle’s main interest lies in human connectivity, and her works primarily focus on interconnections. She uses photography and images as mediums to connect with others and bring people together, drawing inspiration from her everyday gestures, rituals and life experiences. She engages with the community via the ritual of looking together and/or creating images collaboratively, so to research and reflect on how Chinese beliefs become recurrent over centuries. Her work has been shown internationally at a variety of venues including exhibitions and festivals, such as Angkor Photo Festival, Singapore International Photo Festival and Objectifs Singapore. In Hong Kong, she has presented work at the Hong Kong Art Centre, Kubrick and with the Museum of Half Truths in collaboration with 1a Space. Recently, she had a solo exhibition, Kaufu, as part of the Hong Kong International Photo Festival Satellite Programme.

In 2020, she founded Phoboko. It is an organisation that uses photobooks and images as mediums for bringing people together, to question the boundaries of photography, exchange and have critical dialogues related to photography, and experiment with alternative forms of image-making. Occasionally, she writes about photography as well. 

She is an INFJ. 

She is currently based in Hong Kong. 

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