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Island Hoppers (2018)

This is a short photo essay that is a spin off from Crab Seniors

A small group of the Crab Seniors from Wu Kai Sha pier regularly goes island hopping together via swimming. Before the activity, they would plan and design the route for the day, choosing from the 200+ islands in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong as a city is rich in archipelagos, some even consider Hong Kong as a water city rather than a territory land. I am intrigued by the way these island hoppers choose to explore Hong Kong. Subsequently, I joined one of their designed routes: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort—Peng Chau—Nim Shue Wan Tsuen. The total journey was 4.2km. We began at 9am, swam to Peng Chau for a packed lunch, and then continued our swim to the destination.

Island Hoppers is a collection of Hong Kong landscape photographs and portraits of this community.