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Part 2 – Bus Rides (a working title) (2022-)

In the second part of the project, I photographed his collection of miniature bus models one by one as a way of inheriting them. After that, I reproduced 25 of them as bus tickets. 

The work was launched at the Hong Kong International Photography Festival Satellite Exhibition in 2022 as an open invitation to the public: to ride buses together by selecting a bus route and purchasing its customised bus ticket. 

The bus rides were scheduled between Dec 2022 to March 2023. At the beginning of each bus ride, the tickets were stamped with the date and time of the ride. 

While enjoying the landscape of Hong Kong on the bus trips, we had intimate conversations about our relationships with buses and with the city itself. We spoke about the vanishing scenes of HK and the limits of mortality, as Hong Kong approached the 25th anniversary of the handover. At the end of the bus ride, the corresponding bus models of its ticket were given to my fellow riders as a gesture of inheritance. 

In this way, we inherit and pass on my Kaufu’s memorabilia and our memories of HK. 

Video and sound excerpt from bus ride #22, KMB route 6D to Ngau Tau Kok on 23/12/2022